More stories and facts about Retezat Mountain

There are many legends, about this mountains one of them tells about about a swamp that is supposed to communicate with the Ocean. It is called The Bottomless Swamp and it is home for the most extraordinary European carnivorous plant - Drosera Rotundifolia (the round-leaved sundew) and also for a very uncommon species of European tree - the dwarf white birch. The legends say that a dragon inhabits the swamp, guarding an ancient treasure and warns everyone "fool enough to start the search for the lost treasure".

"Taul Tapului" Lake Legend

Facts: This lake was also a point of interest for the famous survivor man from discovery! Why? For many reasons: one - is an optical illusion, other - present some changing course flow in the water; it is separated from "Galesu lake" by a vertical wall called "the closed gates" which relief is quite unique in that mountain group resembling actually some ancient sanctuary men-built gates more then natural grown forms;

  • Legend said that "Taul Tapului" lake with that small island with 2 small shrubs was once in the past a hidden place for 2 lovers which run away from society which disagree with their love affair - they lived there ever after till death, and left behind the 2 shrubs from the little island, to remind us of their true love...what a great society would we have today if all would choose love instead of social rules! It is also said that the lake hide them from view when people look for them to punish them for their decision.

Galesu Lake

Lying on the other side of the ancient gates, this lake is blue, deep, cold and very dangerous when weather is cold and windy; the force of a summer wind can make you fall and being carried - I guess, that without the sanctuary gates, the wind would be a tornado there sometimes; otherwise, when weather is sunny, eveything is smoothy and lovely over there; it is a place with 2 faces - duality - just like in humans - one face is lovely, one is deadly! Choose a good weather when visiting it! Galesu legend must be the nest of the former dragon which populated these areals long long long ago... Do not upset him therefore, carry your trash with you, dont fire there or any other place without a sign to allow it.

"Taul dintre brazi" lake

30 minutes down from Galesu

  • What is special about it - a small swamp 1-2m deep , maxim 4 in the middle, which looks like a mirror showing the trees around in his glass face; one would expect a clearing instead of a lake there, who would imagine lakes to pump up in the middle of a forest, surrounded by deep forest from the shores, with tree growing in the water too. Legend said that some giant spirit rest there, which might be true because the feeling inspired is one like "rest a bit with me, I ve been lonely for so long".