Tour starts

where we leave the auto; from there we go up on forest road or footpath...a long way through the forest must be expected; after 4-5h we reach the valleys, and from there 2 hours to the peaks; please visit the pages with pictures in tours from right bar side.

There are refugees or deserted sheepfold on the path, also resque-chalets, hunting-chalets

Summer tours

Summer tours are much easier, the only enemy being a sudden change in the weather and a heavy rain; however with a guide which knows the path very well, those are no problems.

  • Summer trips are for everybody with the right guide!

Winter tours

In winter dangers multiply:

  • bad weather can make the visibility under 1m, cold can be under 20 degree;
  • sometimes good weather can trigger some avalanches; this mountain group have also paths with no avalanche dangers;
  • wild animals, wolves, can show up; we can never say when or where;
  • slipping the snow or ice inside a huge precipice 1-1,5km below;
  • trained guides

  • In any case, responsibility is yours, a health and accident travel insurance is advised!