Winter equipment

In winter, please buy only stuff, wool cloth s.o. from specialized shops; do not use cheap substitutes, because bad weather and even night cold can kill! Beside a complete cloth from feet to head/ glasses/sun creams too , have also sack - 15 comfort, rockets, eisers, piolet, sticks,thermos, 40kg backpack - for sleeping we use refugees, since carring a tent would be too heavy over a huge snow mantel. At 2000m a night in winter can be between -3 to -22.But worth everything!

If you forget your equipment in your country, you can buy same or better quality from this shop: Himalaya Shop Bucharest

Summer equipment

You can take anything you consider you can carry, summer is lovely, not so cold in the night -> 1-5 degree at 2000m, a rain coat, good easy boots and also wool cloth recommended, though not neccessary!A polar is advise for night time.Day time is hot 30-35 degree at 2000m.

  • Summer trips are for everybody, paths are easy!

Winter trips

Can be done under good weather conditions minim 3 calm days; avalanche here are rare then in other groups, but only when choosing the right path and weather!

trained men are guides

  • Danger: wild animals, bad weather